international surfing day Nicaragua

International Surfing Day Nicaragua

Stoked on International Surfing Day in Nicaragua. We were out all morning! The surfing gods blessed us with offshore wind from early morning till mid afternoon. Plenty of uncrowded barrels were had and the locals were having a ball.


boat trip surfing Nicaragua

Swell season

Swell Season is full on and we just had a great two weeks with 3 new friends from Brazil. The Boom is pumping and our Brazilian guests got barreled out of their minds as well as 4 boat trips to point breaks.


The Boom Nicaragua

SanDisk Stories with our pro Callum Morse

In October the opportunity came my way to spend three months shooting the waves and surfers in the quieter Northern region of Nicaragua and I jumped at the chance. Swapping my 5/3 winter wetsuit here in the UK for a pair of board shorts in the warm waters was an easy decision.


Andy Irons Day

Our friends over in Hawaii have made Feb 13th Andy Irons day and rightfully so. There is something about Hawaii and the surfers born in such a land of fire that brings greatness to surfing. So many great films and photos to look through today. If you have time today lets look through them together and share the Aloha spirit


Johnny Winter

Winter is almost over right? well some of you still have 2 more months to go so we will be running last minuet 10% off packages for Feb/march.


barrels at the boom nicaragua

December deals

Starting our new location off with a bang in November has us quite stoked and ready for a great December.
If you come down with 2 or more surfers we will give you 250$ off the group total for all of December.


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