The Boom

Slowly gaining recognition as a world class beach break, this thundering wave can be heard from quite a distance. Compared to Hossegor without the crowds and Puerto Escondido without the size capability. Many peaks set up along a sandy beach throwing tropical A-frames in shallow water allowing for some epic barrels.

Island Point

Only accessible by boat, this left-point can handle any size and works on all tides with rippable walls that go forever!

Santa Maria

This peaky beach break is located right in front of the tiki and is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.


A beach/reef break featuring both barreling lefts and rights.

Punta Miramar

This big left reef with barrel sections can handle a lot of size.

Puerto Sandino (Freight Trains)

This is a boat access only world class river mouth left point that features a barrel section right of the drop and a 1/4 mile long wall when it’s big enough. This puppy works from chest high to triple overhead and typically has offshore winds all day for 6 months of the year.


A frame beach break with a tasty slow motion barrel!


A right reef break with speedy barrels/walls.

Meat Grinders/Hemorrhoids

Another world-class reef producing thundering lefts. I’ve heard people in the water yell “It’s teahupoo’ing”. This reef is shallow but can blow your mind while blowing crazy spit out of its barrel!

Secret Spots

Did you really think we would let you in on our lil nuggets over the web?

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