A Surf Camp in Northern Nicaragua With Uncrowded Waves

At ThunderBomb surf camp, you will have a once in a life time, mind blowing surf experience. Why not get uncrowded waves with great accommodations? With our surf vehicles and local boat captains you will have the freedom to surf more than just the beach out front. Here you can surf world-class waves, get barreled at The Boom, carve epic points, or even learn to surf without the crowds that plague the beaches of Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua. Need a photographer to capture your dream vacation? We have all the equipment and access to local and international surf photographers. Whether you are looking to book an all-inclusive guided surf tour, yoga retreat , learn to surf, or book a vacation rental, ThunderBomb Surf Camp in northern Nicaragua is the place for you!

About Us

We live and breathe surf here at ThunderBomb Surf Camp in Nicaragua. Our team is comprised of dedicated people that want to ensure you have the ultimate surf adventure, beginning with the owners, Jonathan Griffin and Albertus Valkenburg. Jonathan Griffin (who moved to Nicaragua to feed his surf addiction) was born and raised in Boston, MA and will be your host in and out of the water. Albertus Valkenburg grew up across the Atlantic in Holland, and will be managing your stay to perfection. Additional team members include, Xiomara our local chef, German our Guide and manager. Don Ever, security guard/gardener, who is always smiling and willing to offer a helping hand. He keeps things running at ThunderBomb surf camp while we’re out doing what we do best – surfing! Maryines in housekeeping, she ensures that things stay tidy and neat. Last, but not least, we have Antonio(Father of Alex local surf champ), our boat-captain and local fisherman who knows ‘his waves’ better than anyone.

Our camp is fully equipped to provide the maximum surf experience. We have Toyota Safari 4x4's for getting to our destinations and work closely with local boat captains to surf all of our prime locations and conditions. Of course you’ll enjoy a lot of your time at ThunderBomb in the water, but we have designed our surroundings to be a perfect place to relax outside of the water as well. We hope you’ll enjoy drinks on the beach, lounging in an oceanside hammock, and everything that paradise has to offer. You’ll feel right at home.. or far from it! We strive to make your experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible. We mainly use local (and seasonal) produce and other products for your culinary delights. Our team members Strive to keep our area clean, green and treat the locals with the same respect as we treat our guests. We would love to share the beauty of Nicaragua with you.

See you in the water. Yeeeeeeeeew!

Gallo Alvaro German

A Typical Day

For all you hardcore surfers out there or joining our yoga retreat we aim to please! Early wake up, yoga /fruit /toast /coffee, transportation to local breaks or long distance breaks, then big breakfast, 2nd session at ideal spots(wind permitting) , tasty lunch, sunset session, chill time, and then a great dinner, hang out with us, the locals or get ready to do it all again tomorrow with a good nights sleep!


The Boom

Slowly gaining recognition as a world class beach break, this thundering wave can be heard from quite a distance. Compared to Hossegor without the crowds and Puerto Escondido without the size capability. Many peaks set up along a sandy beach throwing tropical A-frames in shallow water allowing for some epic barrels.

Island Point

Only accessible by boat, this left-point can handle any size and works on all tides with rippable walls that go forever!

Santa Maria

This peaky beach break is located right in front of the tiki and is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.


A beach/reef break featuring both barreling lefts and rights.

Punta Miramar

This big left reef with barrel sections can handle a lot of size.

Puerto Sandino (Freight Trains)

This is a boat access only world class river mouth left point that features a barrel section right of the drop and a 1/4 mile long wall when it’s big enough. This puppy works from chest high to triple overhead and typically has offshore winds all day for 6 months of the year.


A frame beach break with a tasty slow motion barrel!


A right reef break with speedy barrels/walls.

Meat Grinders/Hemorrhoids

Another world-class reef producing thundering lefts. I’ve heard people in the water yell “It’s teahupoo’ing”. This reef is shallow but can blow your mind while blowing crazy spit out of its barrel!

Secret Spots

Did you really think we would let you in on our lil nuggets over the web?


Sit back, relax and dream that YOU are surfing these waves, living the good life and staying in our beach house. After, let’s get in contact so we can make it a reality.

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ThunderBomb Surf Camp is directly located on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria Del Mar and was designed to have an appearance of a small resort without taking away the home away from home feel. Our brand new large house is on a small property and you will have all the privacy in the world with only steps away from the waves. All our neighbors are friendly Nicaraguans that only visit their beach houses a few times a year. Fun times for all when our neighbors visit but mostly very very quiet here. All our rooms have the luxury of A/C and are very large. Did I mention the second floor balcony? It is our center point for yoga, massage and wave watching. Our downstairs houses hammocks, tables for dinner or playing games with our friendly team members. Our Camp was designed for the addicted surfer keeping in mind a great ambience for a family vacation or group surf trip. With our green surroundings and great sunsets we hope you make it home yearning to return to ThunderBomb Surf Camp.


All Packages Include

  • Transport to and from Managua airport in private AC shuttles
  • 7 days 6 nights deluxe beach front accommodations in an air conditioned room
  • Empty waves our front (always just us)
  • Your own personal surf guide with local knowledge that speaks english.
  • Enjoy 3 Full meals per day prepared by our resident chef (Mexican, Asian, Nica, Vegetarian, American BBQ and, of course, fresh fish!)
  • Horseback riding tour on the beach!
  • Fresh fruit/coffee in the early morning and fresh fruit juice during breakfast/lunch
  • Unlimited water, beer, rum n cokes(Nica libres) Infused rums.
  • 24-hour security
  • 1 massage
  • We have WIFI internet

*All Prices are per person (pp)

Our standard all inclusive package. (1399$pp 2-4 surfers)($1299pp 5-9 surfers) (1199$pp 10+ surfers)
For a single surfer solo mission add+ $800 =$2199 solo

  • Unlimited direct transportation via 4×4 to “ The Boom ” and many surrounding reefs / beaches .
  • 1 free boat trip to the point.
  • Why walk far in the hot sand and sun to the boom ? We can drive you directly to the best peaks with shade, a cooler full of water, fruits, beers and snacks parked right on the sand with all your gear safe and quiver ready to rock. Just 8 min away from our house and all other breaks within 15 min

Yoga retreat and learn to surf package. ($1599pp 2-4 surfers/yogis) or ($1499pp 5+ surfers/yogis)
For a single surfer solo mission add+ $800 = $2399 solo

  • Yoga classes every day from our second floor balcony located directly on the water
  • Family friendly safe beach perfect for both Men and Women surf lessons
  • 2-4 hours ( depends on surf if we have a second session) of surf lessons per day in the water and 1hr of discussion. We dont do large group lessons like other camps, you will have an instructor per 1-3 guests
  • Unlimited surf board rentals included
  • Best yoga retreat in Nicaragua with caring instructors helping you make the best of your learn to surf trip in paradise

Extras/Add-ons $

  • Photo packages by our in house photographer
  • Additional boat trips to secret spots
  • Yoga lessons for standard package
  • Surf board rentals for standard package
  • Kayak tours
  • Stand up paddle board tours in the estuary
  • Volcano boarding on Cerro Negro
  • Volcano treks and many other tours

We require 12 weeks notice cancellation since most guest book out months ahead and we will also lose your spots.
If you reserve the “entire house” there are no refunds on your deposit

Last minute deals for august thru sept 22nd and our 2nd house ! Contact us for specials



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Surf with us in uncrowded wave paradise

ThunderBomb Surf Camp in northern Nicaragua from ThunderBomb Surf Camp on Vimeo.

Come stay with us here in paradise. Just pick a surf package and send us and email. We would be more then happy to answer any questions and help you take the best vacation of your life.


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