Escape to Paradise

ThunderBomb Surf Camp is directly located on the beautiful beach of Santa Maria Del Mar and was designed to have an appearance of a small resort without taking away the home away from home feel. Our brand new large 5 bedroom house is on a small property and you will have all the privacy in the world with only steps away from the waves. All our neighbors are friendly Nicaraguans that mostly visit their beach houses a few times a year. All our rooms have the luxury of A/C and are very large. Our dinning rancho is located on the water for all meals. Did we mention the second floor balcony? It is our center point for yoga, massage and wave watching. Our downstairs houses hammocks, tables for dinner or playing games with our friendly team members. Our resort was designed for the addicted surfer keeping in mind a great ambience for a family vacation or group surf trip. With our green surroundings and great sunsets we hope you make it home yearning to return to ThunderBomb Surf Camp.


Our resort in Northern Nicaragua boasts the best private chefs in the region. Its well known that we have the best food of any surf related business in all of Nicaragua. Our guests are consistently blown away by the diversity and quality of the meals served. From succulent seafood dishes to mouthwatering steaks and delectable vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Our chef’s creativity and skill in the kitchen is unmatched, and it shows in the rave reviews we receive from our guests. Not only do our guests love the delicious food, but they also appreciate the fact that we can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions. Whether you’re a vegetarian, low carb, or have other dietary concerns, our chef will work with you to create a truly satisfying dining experience. Come and indulge in the culinary delights at our resort, and experience the best private chef Northern Nicaragua has to offer.


At our resort, you can rest easy knowing that after a long day of catching the best waves in the area, you’ll have everything you need to relax and recharge. Our backyard features comfortable hammocks where you can sway in the breeze and let your mind wander. Take a dip in our refreshing pool to cool off. Our resort also offers unlimited cold beer and delicious food that will replenish your body and help you feel 100% ready for your next surf session. And for the ultimate in relaxation, take advantage of your included massage with one of our trained therapists and let those sore muscles melt away. With all the amenities we offer, you’ll be able to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of surfing, and be ready to hit the waves again the next day.


Here at ThunderBomb, we believe in providing a well-rounded experience for our guests. That’s why we offer a wide range of activities for you to explore beyond the waves. Take a journey to one of the nearby volcanoes and witness the raw power of nature. Or discover the rich culture and history of Northern Nicaragua by visiting the local communities and markets. Day trip to colonial city Leon? Lets go! And for those looking for a more peaceful experience, our resort offers daily yoga classes on the beach where you can find inner peace and balance. And with our transportation, you can easily access all these extracurricular activities. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or a more relaxed experience, our resort has something for everyone. Come and explore Northern Nicaragua with us.